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SA’s top sizzling celebs, influencers, comedians, and trendsetters are opening up their kitchens to show us just how fun and easy cooking can be!

MAGGI Knife Tutorial

#OpenUpTheKitchen tips for beginners #1: Knives 🔪🥒 Every chef’s favourite tool in the kitchen! @Whycooksa’s Mathapelo & Yolanda take us through the two must-have knives for every kitchen. Taking cooking from chore to a tantalising experience!

MAGGI Egg Tutorial

#OpenUpTheKitchen tips for beginners #2: Frying an egg! 🍳 The most delicious lessons to learn and one that will keep you coming back to the kitchen! Join us Mathapelo & Yolanda @Whycooksa as we show you how 👌🏾 Visit for more help too.

Maggi Pasta Tutorial

#OpenUpTheKitchen tips for beginners #3: Cooking pasta! 🍝 Every beginner chef should know how to cook pasta, it's a family favourite! Mathapelo & Yolanda @Whycooksa have a few great tips! Buon appetito! Visit for more help too.

MAGGI Onion Tutorial

#OpenUpTheKitchen tips for beginners #4: Onions 🧅 No need to 😭We're helping you get into the kitchen with no mess, no fuss, no tears 😃 In this video, Mathapelo & Yolanda @Whycooksa show you how to chop onions. Visit or say Hi on WhatsApp: +27637800770.

MAGGI Avo Tutorial

#OpenUpTheKitchen tips for beginners #5: Avo 101 🥑 Use these creamy & delicious gems to become an instant hit in your kitchen! Mathapelo & Yolanda @Whycooksa are showing you how to check, ripen and preserve your avos! Visit or say Hi on WhatsApp: +27637800770

Maggi Stock Tutorial

#OpenUpTheKitchen tips for beginners #6: Making vegetable stock! 🥕🥬🍲 Don't only help out in the kitchen, become a pro by making your own hearty stock! Mathapelo & Yolanda @Whycooksa will show you how easy it is! Visit or say Hi on WhatsApp: +27637800770