Top 15 Essential Kitchen Utensils

The heart of any home is the kitchen. For those of us wanting to be better cooks but just starting out, the idea of what you need for your starter-kitchen can be both confusing and look ridiculously expensive. Don’t stress; we’ll make sure you’re able to get your kitchen set up and ready to cook up a storm with this Top15 essential kitchen utensils list:

1. Chef’s Knife: From chopping big chunks of meat and vegetables to crushing garlic. #OpenUpTheKitchen with this trusty tool - it will save your bacon and slice it too! 

9. Spatula: How are you going to flip those freshly-made flapjacks? A sturdy metal (or high-quality plastic) spatula is vital for flipping, tossing, and serving all kinds of foods. 

2. Wooden Cutting Board: Every kitchen needs a sturdy wood cutting board. With some oil and hand washing, these boards last for ages. And they look beautiful on any countertop! 

10. Tongs: This nifty tool is not just for the braai. Use it to toss pasta, vegetables or salad and even for gently turning chicken breasts in the pan. Tongs are also an ideal utensil to serve foods. 

3.Mixing bowl: A durable set of mixing bowls can make meal prep less messy and more efficient. Stainless steel ones ensure your secret sauce doesn’t start tasting like the bowl. 

11. Frying Pan: Easy to clean, lightweight nonstick pans are ideal for scrambling eggs, making pancakes or frying just about anything. 

4. Measuring Cups & Spoons: Yes, your gran would just add a pinch or a dollop, and it always tasted perfect. That comes with practice. For now, get a set of measuring cups and spoons. 

12. Pots & a Saucepan: Pots are essential for making pasta, boiling potatoes and simmering soups while a saucepan is perfect boiling eggs, making oatmeal and, well… sauce

5. Grater: Large hole graters help you shred potatoes, carrots, apples and more while small hole graters can grate ginger, garlic, spices, and citrus peel. Plus don’t forget about the CHEESE! 

13. Baking Dish: Bake up a hearty casserole or even delicious pudding with this versatile dish. They come in pretty colours, so find one that matches your style, and you can serve right out of it.

6. Colander: Use it to drain your pasta and rinse your fruits and veggies. Look for stainless steel or ceramic ones; they are sturdier than plastic.  

14. Paring knife: Pair your Chef’s Knife with a Paring Knife. It’s smaller and shorter, perfect for more precision cutting like peeling an apple.

7. Whisk: From beating your soft and fluffy scrambled eggs for breakfast to mixing sugar and cinnamon for the all-time-best pancake topping, this handy tool whisks up a feast in no time. 

15. Can Opener: Okay, you probably already have this one, but that’s because it’s such an essential. Even Army knives have one. Plus, chef or starter, baked-beans on toast are a classic

8Wooden Spoons: Wooden Spoons won’t scratch your nonstick cookware and won’t melt like some plastic spoons. Plus they work beautifully as salad servers.